This article is made in English only since it's often needed by developers.

With the SmartTID API you can communicate with SmartTID through a secure web service at this address:

In order to communicate with the API you need a APIKey which is a unique ID identifying for each customer in SmartTID

Here you can create employees, jobs, operations and activities and get approved and posted data back like time- and job ledger entries. 
  • Time ledger entries are data which can we used by payroll systems
  • Job ledger entries are data which can be used by ERP system.

Sample code

Here are two examples in Microsoft Visual Studio C# on how to create employee in SmartTID and get the job ledger entries from SmartTID

API functions

These functions are avaliable to create or update data in SmartTID
These functoins are avaliable to get data back from SmartTID
To get data back from the journal you can use these functions (from version 6.17.41)
To get info about an operation and change completed you can use

From database version 6.01.01